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*Giveaway winners! 


So it’s time to annouce the winners to the drawing give away! 


For being the only people who seemed to care about it. So feel free to reply/reblog this with your request and a possible reference picture or by sending me an ask. 

  1. whitetigersanada said: Miki-mun: I would appreciate it if you drew my muse :3
  2. yandere-unknown said: Would it be okay for you to doodle Amane Kuzuryu for me, please?
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    oh hey I won ha! Well umm okay uhhhh oh how about one of my oc’s! Sadly now I wish I had my new ones drawn out haha but,...
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  5. an-illusioned-future said: Do you mind drawing Voit? XD There’s a reference photo of him in the info for the boys.
  6. foureyedjusticefreak said: ((-squee- Man, 200 followers. I can’t even imagine. Congrats! …Would it be okay to request an OC?))